The Danish life

In these almost three years of traveling we had many ideas that for one reason or another did not prosper. Working in Tokyo, traveling to the Maldives, learning French, moving to London or applying for the Working Holiday visa in Denmark, for example. Regarding this last idea, the system is similar to Australia and New Zealand: a year to work and live in the country, with the addition of a free six-month Danish course. For a while, we thought it was a good option after leaving Australia.
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Naples: the one who loves never forgets

If you ask any more or less coherent human being which one is the best goal of Maradona, he’ll choose that wonder against England in the 1986 World Cup, when he started in the mid-field, dribbled past six guys, including the goalkeeper, and then scored with a soft touch to the bottom of the goal. However, if you make the same question in Naples the answer changes. It’s not that they disdain the great deeds of the number 10 with the Argentinean national team, but they’d probably prefer a free kick goal that he scored against Juventus. In that goal, the ball defied the laws of physics describing an impossible parabola in the air. Continue reading

The outback’s chronicles, part 2

We kept going through kilometers and kilometers of nothing, with an increasing amount of red dirt next to the road and occasionally some death kangaroos hit by a car. 400 kilometers to the north of Coober Pedy we saw a giant red stone that broke down the monotony of the landscape. ‘Uluru!’ we said with enthusiasm. But no. According to the route map the thing we had seen was Mount Conner, also known as ‘Fool-Uru’, because most of the tourists confuses it with the famous rock in the area.
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